Monday, 21 March 2011

Jelly d’Arányi plays for The Strad

(Scan by kind courtesy of Mr. Julian Futter)

[NB This page is a streamlined version of the preceding post entitled ‘The Kindness of Strangers, Part 4’]

Below are links to two .rar files which contain items recorded by Jelly d’Arányi, singled out by Tully Potter in his article in The Strad.

Our deepest gratitude to renowned collector Raymond Glaspole for kindly providing excellent dubs of these rare original discs, as well as the accompanying discographical data. Mr. Glaspole’s transfers have been lightly denoised. Please note that sides have not been joined up in the Mozart Concerto or Vitali’s Chaconne.

The first .rar file, which can be downloaded here, contains the following records, as 7 FLAC format sound-files:

Vitali ed. Charlier Chaconne in g minor
Jelly d’Arányi (violin), Arthur Bergh (piano)
Columbia 9875

recorded 20 March & 4 April* 1929, USA
[*or 6 & 20 March - there’s some disagreement]

Brahms arr. Joachim Hungarian Dance No.8 in a minor
de Falla arr. Kochanski 7 Canciones populares - (vi) [orig. No.4] Jota
Jelly d’Arányi (violin), Coenraad Bos (piano)
Columbia 2061 M

recorded 6 & 7 February 1928, USA

Joachim Romance in C
Dienzl* Spinnlied Op.46
Jelly d’Arányi (violin), Ethel Hobday (piano)
Vocalion K 05118

[*NB Dienzl’s name is misspelled ‘Dienzi’ in the sound-file name and tag]
issued November 1924

Hubay Six Poèmes hongrois Op.27 - No.6 Allegro molto
Anon. arr. Craxton Fitzwilliam Virginal Book - Alman
Jelly d’Arányi (violin), Ethel Hobday (piano)
Vocalion X 9981

issued May 1927

The second .rar file, which can be downloaded here, contains the following set, as 2 FLAC format sound-files:

Mozart Violin Concerto in G K.216
Serenade in D K.250 ‘Haffner’ - (ii) Menuetto; Trio
Jelly d’Arányi (violin), Aeolian Orchestra, Stanley Chapple

Vocalion A 0242-44
issued November 1925

In addition, public institutions have made freely available several recordings by Jelly and her sister Adila Fachiri.

On the British Library’s Archival Sound Recordings site, you can listen to a streamed .wma file (or download an .mp3, if you are registered at an academic institution) of the following set here:

Bach Violin Concerto in d minor BWV 1043
Jelly d’Arányi, Adila Fachiri (violins),
orchestra, Stanley Chapple
Vocalion A 0252-53

issued February 1926

CHARM has made available two more records of the sisters:

attrib. J.S. Bach [Goldberg?] Trio Sonata in C BWV 1037 - (iv) Gigue
Spohr Duet in D Op.67 No.2 - (iii) Larghetto
Jelly d’Arányi, Adila Fachiri (violins), Ethel Hobday (piano)
Vocalion D 02146

issued April 1924
Download each side as a FLAC file here and here

Purcell ed. Moffat Sonata in Four Parts No.9 in F Z.810
Jelly d’Arányi, Adila Fachiri (violins), Ethel Hobday (piano)
Vocalion K 05177

issued July 1925
Download each side as a FLAC file here and here

(Again, the Purcell Sonata has not been joined up.)

If you’ve enjoyed these recordings, please revisit Grumpy’s Classics Cave in the near future, when a great deal more will be made available!


  1. Grumpy,
    A most interesting contribution -- thank you! I will carve out some time to enjoy these just as soon as I finish studying Satyr's Blech items.

    I recently happened to run across this at the ol' eBay USA and noted that this unknown Yelli kept some very prestigious company:

    Take a look and then check your bank balance!!


  2. Thanks, Squirrel! She was a big star and deservedly so. I would never pay that for a set which is not uncommon. For some reason, her Schubert Trio has been little reissued on CD; I have it in APR's 1990 Hess 'Vignette', which also includes Brahms' Op.87 Trio with Jelly:

    But my CDs are bronzing and the Brahms already won't play properly. APR should really make its entire back-catalogue available as downloads, and give us a chance to reinstate these tarnished, doomed pressings... Yours, Grumpier than ever

  3. Nick,
    As usual, you are way ahead of me. It must be lonely at the top.
    No wonder you are grumpy!

    Yes, those APR brats owe us all. But downloads are not really a format with long life in them. They should reissue their catalog on 78 rpm shellac discs! How's that for irony? :)

  4. No, no, I'm fine - I have bats, woodlice, slow-worms, all sorts of friends here! APR aren't the brats, though - it was PDO, the pressing company. APR is nice. Buy their new Grainger. Amazing! And so cheap. Now, what do you mean by downloads not having long life? G

  5. Thanks a lot for these beautiful recordings and information you share with us! By the way: I have the Schubert trio with Hess and d'aranyi in my collection... I'll put it on my 'to do' list