Monday, 30 November 2009

For my first upload: early 1950s Mozart from US Decca

Hello all!

On my first foray out of my smelly little cave, I'm offering a 10" DG LP which I found yesterday in the collection of my late father. I used to play his discs a lot as a teenager - in fact, that's how I started listening to classical music - but I don't remember this one, which I've recently become curious to hear, so I was very happy to come across it!

An American Decca origination which Michael Gray dates to 1951; this German issue is apparently quite late, to judge from the printing date of December 1958 on the back of the sleeve! I think this was also the recording which had come out in the UK on Brunswick AXTL 1018 (issued c. October 1953).

I feel it's come up quite well in my straight transfer - no processing other than the miraculous ClickRepair and monoing.

3 mono FLACs in a .rar file at:

Matrix info etc. is in the tags.

Please let me know of any problems! Apart from the poor quality jpegs, for which I apologise - they looked great when I did the scans and reduced them and now they look a bit rough!