Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hot Bach de France: Reine Gianoli, 1951

Incomprehensible, really, to me, that such different, personal, committed, superb playing can be left out in the eternal cold by the 'rights' holders. The first, I believe, of many Bach LPs recorded by Gianoli for Westminster, not one of which has been reissued on CD (nor has Petri's Westminster legacy, which is even more incomprehensible). Yes, grumpiness is the only possible response...

I could not find a recording date anywhere; the Westminster LP seems to have come out in 1952 and this British Nixa issue in 1955; the label states it was recorded in Vienna. As so often with piano recordings from this period, the instrument itself is rather out of tune but somehow that hardly seems to matter!

3 fully tagged mono FLACs, declicked only, with a sleeve scan, in a .rar file at:

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  1. Thank you so much, Nick! Universal’s Japanese branch re-issued 50+ CDs worth of Westminster material (more than 50 % already deleted) – not one recording of Egon Petri, none of Gianoli, none of Boukoff, none of Lateiner ...
    Doremi re-issued Gianoli’s Mozart sonatas not long ago but since the quality of their transfers usually is abysmal I guess we’ll have to wait.
    Thanks, again!

  2. thank you very much for the great Gianoli!!
    I'm looking for Serkin Beethoven pc 1,2,4 CBS
    with Ormandy (stereo vers. 1962-65).
    Thanks and regards

  3. Thank you both! Canetti, have you seen that some of Gianoli's Westminster Mozart seems to have been reissued by Nihon-Westminster? JXCC-1049, JXCC-1055. There's also some Ravel, JXCC-1054. I'm sorry, Karnak, I'm steering clear of recordings issued less than 50 years ago and anything that's been on CD (though you're right, these Serkin recordings aren't currently available and I don't think No.2 ever has been - shocking...). Best wishes, Nick

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I was searching for the old prefix »UCCW-« (Universal-Westminster).
    »JXCC-« was new to me. Do you know if Warner Japan is Westminster’s new owner?
    Best, Canetti

  5. I'm sorry, Canetti, I don't know anything about these reissues or the company!

  6. I've put two and five together and realized that 'Grumpy' is actually CharmNick --- I'm very happy to see you have a blog going, and look forward to many more surprises. But can't you remain Charming instead of being so Grumpy? (yes I know what CHARM stands for!)

    I've been listening to Reine Gianoli's Adès Schumann, which I like very much (nicely recorded also.) I am looking forward to hearing her Bach. Thanks a million.

  7. Many thanks for sharing this rarity!

  8. Thank you. I've not heard this pianist, much appreciated.... Also would love to find a rip of an old 1952 or so Columbia Bach recording of Gyorgy Sandor ML series... the first one.. Cheers.